Farway Gaius McCarthy is an anomaly, he was born outside of time and has never felt comfortable standing still. Part of this is due to the fact that when he was younger, his mother left on a time-travel expedition and never returned. Now he’s been given the chance of the lifetime, to captain a crew into the past on a series of heist missions all while never giving up the hope of someday finding his mother along the way. But then Far’s path crosses with a girl named Eliot, their meeting sparks what will soon become a race against time in order to save history or end it entirely.

~My Thoughts~

I went into this book with the idea that it was a time travel heist aboard the titanic which sounded awesome, and while we did get this in some way, it is only the tiniest snippet of what this book is actually about. Definitely a lot more sci-fi content than I was expecting but I was proud of myself because I was tracking… right up until the multi-verse was brought up and then, I kid you not, it was like a switch turned off in my brain. I honestly wasn’t sure if my tiny brain was going to be able to keep going but what ultimately got me through was the characters.

loved these characters!! One thing that I’ve always struggled with while reading is picturing the characters I’m reading about. There can be an abundance of description about them but it’s like I have a mental block or something which stops me from being able to see them. But for the first time I was able construct an image, though faint, of the ones in this story! They all had so much heart and personality and I honestly could read about them forever and never get tired. Far and Priya’s romance was so sweet and sincere! I honestly wish that Eliot had turned out to be their daughter from the future lol. Eliot’s character wasn’t my favorite but her part of the story was also super complicated so that might have had something to do with it. Imogen was hilarious and I loved all her little quirks. I wish we could’ve seen more of Gram but what we did get of him I really enjoyed.

Something that stood out to me that others post pandemic might also have noticed was, in light of the events of the past couple years, when the crew went back to April of 2020 it wasn’t quite how I remembered that year being. This book was written in 2017 and it was so interesting to look back at the time when the author was writing and think about how COVID or a global pandemic could or would never have crossed anyone’s minds. It just goes to show how we can’t have any idea of what the future holds even three years from now let alone decades! Besides that pit-stop, I loved that we got to visit Ancient Rome too and I thought it was so cool that Far’s Dad was an actual gladiator?!

Overall, I really enjoyed this one! I would recommend it to anyone who likes time-travel and futuristic type stories but if you’re like me and sci-fi isn’t your genre, it can definitely be appreciated for the characters alone! Please Ryan Graudin hear my plea for a sequel or even a companion novel so I can read about them again 🙏 If not, I will for sure be re-reading! Happy Reading 🙂

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