I hope everyone had a great April, I certainly did! I started the month off by buying way to many books to bring back to London with me from America and then the 18th was my birthday! I went on a Harry Potter walking tour with my family which was awesome and I’ll share some pictures from that at the end 🙂 Another great thing that happened was I read 10 books this month which, if you’ve been following these posts for awhile now, you’ll know is huge for me!! Here they are:


And the best book I read this month was…

The Camelot Betrayal or Unbroken, I can’t decide 😭 Both were amazing!!

Books Acquired:

New Releases:


Photos from the Harry Potter tour!

Leadenhall Market a.k.a Diagon Alley!
The Leaky Cauldron disguised as a migraine clinic 🥸
Knockturn Alley
St. Paul’s cathedral has cool connections to both HP and Fantastic Beasts!

Have y’all heard about the Harry Potter TV show that’s in the works? I was not impressed by the news but if you are a fan, let me know your thoughts on this and whether or not you think it could actually work! Comment down below your favorite book from April as well or one you’re looking forward to in May! Happy Reading 🙂

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