I hope that everyone had a good February! This wasn’t my finest reading month, I only ended up finishing 5 books which is probably the least I’ve read since early 2021, but I was finally able to finish the Renegades trilogy by Marissa Meyer which I’d been wanting to complete for a long time now! As for this post, I’ll be sticking with the same format as last month 🙂

Books Read:

I think my favorite book from this month is pretty obvious based on my ratings. This is the most books I’ve ever 3 starred in one month before! Not really sure what happened there, I was trying to read less fantasy but I guess I found that contemporaries aren’t really my jam either 🤷






And the best book I read this month was…

Supernova by Marissa Meyer!

This was the final book in the Renegades trilogy which I started back in 2021 and, for just having three books, I’m a little ashamed of how long it took me to get through this series. It all worked out in the end though because, even though no time passes between the books, they are slow burn and stay with you for a long time after reading. All throughout the series, the tension is agonizing and the stakes always manage to remain ridiculously high! I loved all of the characters, heroes and villains alike, and when it was all over it felt like I was losing my friends 😭 Overall, I highly recommend this series!

Books Acquired:

I couldn’t be more excited about all of these beautiful books 🤩

March Releases:

So many new releases I’m looking forward to this month!! (Covers link to Goodreads)

Let me know how your reading month went and if there are any new releases you’re anticipating in March! Happy Reading 🙂

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