Zephyr is a strategist under the leadership of Xin Ren. Their goal is to take down the puppet empress on the throne and restore order to the realm which was broken into three factions when Miasma seized power. But with opposition on every side, will Zephyr be willing to sacrifice everything she has for the good of her people?

~My Thoughts~

I knew next to nothing about this book going in but I kept seeing it everywhere and the cover is stunning so thank you to Netgalley for providing me with a copy! For anyone who hasn’t read this book but wants to, the first half was… rough. I don’t know how else to explain it. The plot was intriguing enough but then I started to get bored and I couldn’t see how the author could possibly fill another 200 pages worth of this book. However, once we hit the 60% marker, my mind was blown!!

It was possibly one of the best turnarounds I’ve ever experienced as a reader as my thoughts on this book did a full 180. Suddenly everything made sense and I came to love and respect Zephyr as a character so much! I can’t say yet how I feel about Crow. I didn’t really enjoy the snippet of romance we got between him and Zephyr mostly because I felt like the book was good enough to stand on it’s own without needing a love interest but I think we’re promised more in book 2 so maybe my opinions will change!

Overall, when everything came together I could not get enough of this book! I’m just sad now that I’ll have to wait so long for a sequel 😢 Happy Reading!

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