Fourteen year-old Nancy Parker has just taken her first job as a housemaid to the elegant and elusive Mrs. Bryce. Nancy would much rather be out solving mysteries but for now she’ll have to settle for what she’s got. However as it soon turns out, that there are plenty of suspicious happenings taking place right under her nose!

~My Thoughts~

Well, this was… not what I was expecting. For one thing, don’t be fooled by the cover, there is no murder to be found in this book. In fact, most of the ‘mystery’ stemmed from Nancy’s speculations, almost all of which proved to be utter nonsense. We don’t get anything with substance until the last quarter of the book and, though the reveal was interesting, the ending felt rushed.

One thing that really annoyed me was how capital letters were utilized in Nancy’s diary. Some of the words that had been capitalized made sense as they were used to make a point, but there were so many other instances of capitalization where there was no business for it and it really interrupted the flow of the story.

I know I’m not the target age for this series and after reading this book I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who’s over twelve but I can see how this might be enjoyed by a younger person. Overall, not one I’d recommend though and I don’t plan on continuing with the series. Happy Reading 🙂

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