Habia una vez there was a girl named Petra Peña whose dream was to become a storyteller, just like her abuela. But her dreams are shattered when Earth is struck by a comet and only a select few, Petra’s family included, are chosen to journey on to a new planet. But this means leaving her abuela behind. Hundreds of years in the future, Petra wakes up and finds herself surrounded by an alien race bent on destroying anything related to earth. She is the only one who has retained her memories of the planet she left behind but will she have the courage to keep those memories alive?

~My Thoughts~

I’m not a big sci-fi fan and, in my history of reading, I don’t believe I have never given a book set in space 5 stars. To be fair, I haven’t read all that many books set in space as they don’t usually tend to peak my interest but as soon as I saw this book I knew I needed to read it. The first half of the book was a bit underwhelming and, though the plot intrigued me and made me interested to keep reading, I wasn’t super invested. I think the hardest thing for me in the beginning, and one of the only negative things I have to say about this book, is that the characters seemed superficial. There was a lot of talking but not much showing.

However, things picked up at the halfway mark! The plot twist was incredible and the story as a whole hit a lot deeper than I was expecting. It was heart-breaking but but also uplifting at the same time as we watch Petra continue to fight to move forward even with the crushing blows she is dealt. And we are left with a bittersweet ending, my favorite! So my advice would be, if you’re struggling to get into this one, keep going, it is so worth it and once you reach the end I promise you won’t regret it! I am excited to read more from this author! Happy Reading 🙂

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