Vesper Vale lives one bad day away from her city being swallowed by the ever encroaching Storm. The Storm her mother chose to walk into instead of facing execution. And now after twelve years, the same people who forced her mother into the Storm have caught up to her father. They’re after the book of ikons he keeps tucked away from the world, and upon his capture by the prince, given to Vesper to burn. Only she has no intention of burning the book. She will do whatever it takes to get her father back, but will she be able to do it before her past along with the Storm catch up to her?

~My Thoughts~

This latest Fairyloot pick, while sadly being my last from them, did not disappoint! It did have a somewhat shaky start as it was trying really hard to be unique and so, while I liked what the author was trying to do with her magic system, it took me a long time to finally get a grasp on it. This was the same with the world-building, specifically in terms of the Storm. However, once you get into the groove of it, without a doubt the time took to structure all this payed off. And it also helped knowing this will be a series as the author has set herself up nicely for future books!

The highlight of this book though had to be the last 100 pages. I’ve seen many reviewers state that this is where the book lost them but for me it was the complete opposite, I couldn’t get enough of it! What a roller-coaster as the characters were put through a test of their deepest emotions, I just loved it. I grew to really love Vesper as there just became more and more to appreciate from her character as the book went on. She was so strong both physically and emotionally and her choices especially towards the end of the book were really inspiring.

Overall, this is a great book if you’re looking for something unique in the YA fantasy genre! You can sign me up for number two! Happy Reading 🙂

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