The story follows Britt, an American teenager, who has just been told that her soccer career, which was her ticket into college, is over. With no backup plan and her last days of high school winding down, Britt doesn’t know what she’s going to do. That’s when she gets an invitation to take part in a scavenger hunt around England, the prize money being enough to change her life. Once she arrives there she meets Luke, who can’t technically help Britt with any of the clues, but there aren’t any rules against him tagging along! As the pair embark on the trip of a lifetime they will not only have to look for outward clues but also confront some of the ugly truths they thought they’d left behind.

~My Thoughts~

I really loved the journey which unfolds in this book. It was fun as an American who lives in the UK to have an idea of the places where Britt traveled but also the memories of what it felt like my first time experiencing them. In terms of Britt herself, our personalities are like the polar opposites so I had some trouble connecting with her as a character but her “outgoingness” made the different quests she had to tackle a lot of fun to read about. My favorite was the one inspired by King Arthur, I would have failed spectacularly, but the way Britt tackled it was so great.

Now, there was one thing that I didn’t like and that was the ending. It just felt way too easy! I know that this wasn’t a short book so maybe the choice to end it the way it did came from not wanting to make it any longer, but still… (for more in depth spoilers, check out my Goodreads!)

Overall, I can say that I definitely enjoyed this one and it was just what I needed in a summer read. A bonus, and something I really appreciated was that this is a clean read, so free of any bad language or sexual content! Happy Reading 🙂

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