The Kingdom of Aloriya has long been a safe haven amidst the darkness of the wood that surrounds it. Cerys, who lost her friends and mother to the wood, now carries a small bit of its curse with her, a constant reminder of everything she’s lost. When the encroaching darkness finally spills over on the day of the new queen’s coronation, Cerys narrowly escapes with her life. Now it’s up to her to find the mythical Lady of the Wild and save her home.

~My Thoughts~

First things first, I bought this book because of the cover. I hardly ever do this as I like to have a good idea of what the book will be about going in, but in this case, I saw a cute fox and I bought it! No questions asked. And I think in my mind, cute fox translated to cute book. I soon found out however, that this was not the case and I was unprepared for how grim and gory it got at times. None of it was unnecessary and I think it definitely fit well with the vibe of the story, it’s just not was I was expecting.

The story started off with a bang but I found that later down the road things started to become more repetitive. A large part of the book went something like this, “X character flees from danger. They are later called a coward for running away. X character resolves not to run away again but instead stand their ground next time a dangerous situation arises.” And, repeat. There was a nice twist towards the end, but even that was marred by this idea of hiding always being cowardly, no matter what the alternative.

I would say that I was still able to enjoy this book, and it’s definitely a great one for the wintertime, I just don’t think I was ever able to fully shift my mindset from what I was expecting versus the reality. Happy Reading 🙂

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